(309) 266-6445 300 W. Jefferson St. Morton, Illinois


Highway Commissioner

Darrell Moore

Highway Commissioner

Phone (309) 266-6445
Fax (309) 266.5572

Functions & Services: Snow and Ice Removal, General Road Maintenance.

Township Road District Employees:

With nearly 65 lane miles of roadway the Road District maintains the roads, streets, bridges and right of way in the unincorporated areas of Morton Township. The Tazewell County Sheriff's Department patrols the unincorporated areas of Morton Township. (309) 346-4141.

To ensure the quality of work and to protect Township residents from liability of damage to township property, a Morton Township Road District Permit is needed for any construction in the unincorporated area that might affect the public right-of-way.

The Road District is responsible for snow removal on all unincorporated residential streets. Our plows go out as soon as snow accumulation warrants removal and when icy conditions call for treating streets.

To minimize snow being plowed back into a shoveled driveway consider shoveling the snow to the right side of driveway as one faces the street. Be aware that it is illegal to push snow into the street or roadway.

Road District crews trim trees on public right-of-way in the unincorporated area. If you note a tree interfering with electric lines, streetlights, or the vision of motorists, please call us and we will take care of the problem.

The Road District mows the right-of-ways to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and improve the appearance of the roadside.

Morton Township roads have load limits enforced January 15th through April 15th. If you have building materials delivered to your property, please be aware of the restrictions and contact your commissioner if you have any questions.

The State of Illinois is offering a new service connected to your driver’s license, id card or instruction permit. You may add two emergency contacts to your license data. Therefore, if you are incapacitated in some way, your license can be scanned and the emergency contacts retrieved so your loved ones can be contacted. This is done by accessing the link below. It only takes two minutes to complete. Officials have reported that early notification can make a difference in saving a life. Visit Cyber Drive Illinois

Entrance permits are required for the following:

  • Any new entrance off township roads
  • To acquire a building permit from Tazewell county zoning

Permits are available by contacting the road commissioner at the township office.

Before replacing driveways, consult the road commissioner about the township's approach requirements.

Mailbox regulations allow only 4x4 wood post or 1 1/2" steel pipe for support. Larger supports made of brick or other materials are illegal.

We need your help!

Improving the safety and overall appearance of our community is a cooperative effort between residents and government. Very positive changes occur when we work together. Please help us keep Morton Township a community to be proud of by reporting illegal dumping, potholes, broken or missing street signs and dead animals in the roadway. We have excellent Intergovernmental cooperation with the municipalities in and around Township boundaries. Manpower and equipment are often exchanged to make all of us more efficient.