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Morton Cemeteries

Buckeye Cemetery

Location S. Washington Road, 1 mile south of Route 150

Buckeye Cemetery is located in Morton Township in part of the SE ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 23 and is bordered on the east by the Washington Blacktop. The cemetery is on land once owned and homesteaded by the Israel and Elizabeth Shreve Family. Early recorded Tazewell County records reveal a deed of part of the present land by Julius/Elizabeth Shreve and James/Sarah Shreve dated June 25, 1864 to the trustees of the Buckeye Methodist Episcopal Church.

This was the first Methodist Episcopal Church in Morton Township and was constructed in 1864 with dimensions 30 feet wide, 40 feet long, and at a cost of $1,700. It is apparent the cemetery was started many years earlier. The earliest known burial was Henry E. Shreve, December 12, 1815 (monument with name/dates).

The records on June 11, 1868 describe additional land deeded by James/Elizabeth Shreve to the trustees of Buckeye Methodist Episcopal Church. Stipulated in the language of the deed, the ministers and preachers must belong to Methodist Episcopal Church and be authorized by general conference of said church or by annual conference. Furthermore, to preach and espouse each holy word and to execute the discipline of the church; to administer the sacraments according to the true meaning and in all other respects to have control of the house.

The church was removed from the property in 1928. Current layout provisions at Buckeye Cemetery are approximately 980 grave sites, 25 cremation sites, and 92 infant sites.

Hirstein Cemetery

Location Hirstein Road, 1/2 mile north of Lakeland Road

Hirstein Cemetery is located in Morton Township in part of the NE ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 4. It is surrounded by Morton Park District property with entry leading into the park like setting from Hirstein Road. The data of beginning of burial is unknown. However, it is traceable to the early 1800’s as many of the grave sites were marked with a wooden cross and many of the grave stones were in German. Tazewell County records reveal Samuel and Garabella Hirstein as original grantors of one acre of land for cemetery purposes to the trustees of the Radliff Burial Ground. The evolvement of the cemetery is recorded chronologically as follows:

March 9, 1855: Samuel and Garabella Hirstein deeded to trustees of Radliff Burial Ground one acre.

November 30, 1888: Henry and Barbara Hartman deeded to trustees of Hirstein Graveyard 2.14 acres plus a strip of land (described by deed) for purpose of road to cemetery.

May 23, 1918: A meeting was to pass and enact a resolution. This meeting specifically denoted the Hirstein Graveyard Associations as owner of the above described and dated tracts of land. In addition a part of the resolution stated: for the perpetuation of the Hirstein Graveyard Association there has been formed the Hirstein Cemetery Association. Thus the cemetery name was duly changed with the charge to the trustees namely John L. Schwartentraub, Peter Guth, and John J. Kennel.

July 17, 1987: Hirstein Cemetery Association voted by resolution to dissolve and convey all property, assets, and rights to Morton Township. The cemetery became Hirstein Cemetery/Morton Township.

March 6, 1990: Morton Park District in cooperation with and at request of Morton Township conveyed 2.27 acres of additional land to Hirstein Cemetery/Morton Township adjacent to the easterly border of the original cemetery. In return, the township granted the park district access and use of the entry road and the Township agreed to pave the drive and parking area.

March 7, 2006: Morton Park District in cooperation with and at request of Morton Township conveyed 2.663 acres of additional land to Hirstein Cemetery/ Morton Township adjacent to the easterly border of the 2.27 acres addition.Current layout provisions at Hirstein Cemetery are approximately 2,400 graves sites, 136 cremation sites and 60 infant grave sites.

Roberts Cemetery

Location Corner of West Jefferson and West Shore Drive

Roberts Cemetery is located in Morton Township at the corner of West Jefferson and Westshore Drive. Historically it is apparent burials began in the early 1800’s as a number of grave site monuments are illegible; however, the earliest date known is 1815. Roberts Cemetery is primarily land that was homesteaded by the Roberts family.

December 15, 1857: Dennis P. Roberts deeded one acre to Roberts Point CemeteryAssociation.

February 25, 1922: Roberts Section I-A was platted and started being used in December 1933.

March 23, 1959: Roberts Cemetery was deeded to Morton Township by the Roberts Cemetery Association.

June 8, 1966: Two additional acres were purchased from William F. Frisch which is now Roberts Cemetery Section II.

Current layout provisions at Roberts Cemetery are approximately 3,600 grave sites, 141 cremation sites and 173 infant grave sites.

Annual Clean-Up

The Township has a twice a year clean up of flowers and decorations, taking place from the 1st to the 15th of March and again the 1st to the 15th of October. Grave blankets may be removed sooner.

Cemetery Hours

The Morton Township cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk. For information regarding grave site decorations, for information regarding purchased grave sites, or for information regarding the policies or procedures, please call 309-266-6445.


If you are inclined to walk your dog in our cemeteries, Please be respectful of your loved ones and others. Being a good pet owner is appreciated by all when cleaning up.

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